Rules & Constitution

Society rules

The full set of Society rules is quite a lengthy document. Please click on the following link to either read or download a pdf file copy – CSAS Rules Aug 2023

CSAS Health & Safety Statement

7 June 2022
General policy and objectives
1.      It is the policy of the Civil Service Angling Society, acting through its General Purposes Committee [the Society], to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work, etc., Act 1974 and to maintain a healthy and safe fishing environment.
2.      The Society’s health and safety objective is to minimise accidents and fishing-related illnesses, hereafter referred to as adverse incidents, and generally to seek a healthy and safe fishing environment.
3.      The Society will provide written safety guidance for members and will keep this under review.
Responsibility of members, etc.
4.      While the Society will seek to ensure the health and safety of its members, it must be recognised that health and safety is the responsibility of each and every individual associated with the Society.
5.      All members, temporary members and visitors to any of the Society’s waters are expected to familiarise themselves with the Rules and Regulations in the Rule Book and to carry out their own risk assessment before fishing, starting work or other activity.
Working parties
6.      The Society will provide the training and supervision necessary to carry out any work tasks safely.  However, if a member is unsure how to perform a certain task or feels that it would be unsafe to perform a specific task, then it is the member’s duty to report this to the working party’s supervisor.
7.      Personal protective equipment will be provided by the Society when necessary.
Reporting injuries, adverse incidents and follow-up
8.      An effective health and safety programme requires continuous communications between all members of the Society.  It is therefore every member’s responsibility to report immediately any situation, which would jeopardise the safety or wellbeing of themselves or any other person.
9.      All injuries, however small, sustained on any of the Society’s waters must be reported to the Hon. Secretary, without delay.  Records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the policy and must be accurate and comprehensive.
10. The General Purposes Committee, without delay, will review reports of injuries and adverse incidents and will decide what action, if any, is needed to prevent recurrence.
Review and updating
11.   The Society’s health and safety policy and safety guidance will be monitored and updated, particularly when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur, and in light of adverse incidents.  The policy will be kept under review and updated at least every 12 months to reflect these changes and current legislation.
David A. Kennedy, Hon. Secretary
For and on behalf of The Civil Service Angling Society