River Thames, Royal Windsor Racecourse

Brief description of fishery:

The fishery consists of approx. 1 1/2 miles of the south bank of the Thames, including Boveney weir pool, the north bank and part of the south bank of the Millstream around the site, and the west bank of the Overflow Stream. Members are permitted to enter and leave only by the side entrance. (See Venue map) Entering and leaving by the main gate is forbidden. These requirements will be strictly enforced by the fishery manager and bailiffs.

If you have any questions or you would like further information on this water please contact the fishery manager.

Fishery rules

  1. General
    1. The fishery consists of the south bank of the Thames, including Boveney weir pool, the north bank and part of the south bank of the Millstream around the site, and the west bank of the Overflow Stream from it.
    2. Members are permitted to enter and leave only by the side entrance. (See map on the Venue page) Entering and leaving by the main gate is forbidden.
    3. Members must not attempt to cross the racecourse either in a vehicle or on foot. Parking for fishing the Mill Stream is near point B, you may park on the grass if dry but in wet weather please use nearby hard standing. Parking for when fishing the Thames is anywhere on the grass between the main drive and the riverbank. Take care in very wet conditions.
    4. On days that are declared ‘No Access’ days, race meetings, fireworks etc members must make no attempt to access the racecourse. If fishing the day before a no access day, then you must be off the racecourse by midnight the day before. Information on race days and other events is published in the Newsletter, on the website, Facebook and the forum. NOTE: these dates can change at very short notice always check before driving to the racecourse. They are posted on the website, the forum and on Facebook.
    5. Members are not permitted to fish in the Marina.
    6. Boating parties should be politely but firmly discouraged from mooring on this private fishery, except on the dedicated landing stage (see map).
    7. Boat owners and marina users are not permitted to fish in the Mill Stream below the Marina. This also applies to any caravaners or other site users. Non-members seen to be fishing in these places should be politely but firmly discouraged.
    8. The Royal Windsor Racecourse is a busy working environment and members must at all times drive in a careful and considerate manner (maximum speed 20 mph).
    9. Under no circumstances are dogs allowed on Windsor Racecourse.
  2. Close season
    1. No fishing is allowed from 15th March to June 15th. Members must not attempt to access the Racecourse during this period unless it is for an official work party.
  3. Night fishing
    1. Night fishing is allowed for members only. No member may be on the fishery for more than 48 hours, after which he/she must remove all items of equipment and must not return to the fishery before 24 hours have passed.


The racecourse is off the A308 the main road between Windsor & Maidenhead.

DO NOT attempt to use the main racecourse entrance (large blue double gates) The Society entrance gate is now the Marina entrance gate which is approx 200 yds past the main entrance towards Maidenhead. Once through the gate, drive straight on until you have to turn right, carry on and then drive through Gate 8, which is clearly signed – See the venue map. The Society’s current parking permit must be prominently displayed in the vehicle’s windscreen when entering the site and at all times when on the fishery.

What3Words – Society’s gate – ///takes.remedy.ladder

Nearest postcode – SL4 5EZ

Access & Parking

Parking for the Mill Stream between points A and B is at point B on the venue map.

Parking for the Overflow Stream is on the road adjacent to it, or in dry weather conditions on the grass marked with dots on the map.

Elsewhere, parking is permitted on the grass on the river side of the perimeter road between points C and D on the map provided that no obstruction is caused to Racecourse vehicles and that care is taken when driving in wet weather conditions. Some hard standing can be found near point D. If in doubt where to park, please ask the Racecourse staff.


  • Barbel
  • Bream
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach

No fishing is allowed at Windsor Racecourse on the following dates. Members are not allowed to enter the racecourse for any reason.
These dates are also liable to change at short notice, please always check before driving to Windsor.

Saturday 17thKintbury - CSAS match
Monday15thWindsor - racing
Monday 22ndWindsor - racing
Monday 29thWindsor - racing
Monday 6thWindsor - racing
Monday 13thWindsor - racing
Monday 20thWindsor - racing
Monday 3rd Windsor - '00s Racenight
Monday 10thWindsor - Irish Night
Monday 17thWindsor - '90s Racenight
Monday 24thWindsor - racing
Monday 29thWindsor - Best of Brirish
Monday 1stWindsor - Jam Hot Summer Sounds
Monday 15th Windsor - Rum 7 Reggae Racenight
Monday 22ndWindsor - Vegas Night
Monday 28thWindsor - Rock at the Races
Saturday 3rdWindsor - Ladies Night
Monday 12thWindsor - Soul & Motown Racenight
Thursday 15thWindsor - Evening Racing
Monday 19thWindsor - '80s Night
Saturday 24thWindsor - Saturday Night at the Races
Monday 2ndWindsor - Evening racing
Monday 16thWindsor - Afternoon racing
Monday 30thWindsor - Afternoon racing
Monday 14thWindsor - Afternoon cacing
Around 5th - TBCWindsor - Fireworks
Sunday 15thWindsor - The Return of Jumps Racing