Water sharing with Reed Thatcham AC
CSAS members only

Rules of Angling

  1. Members must show their Association ID and permit upon request of any senior member.
  2. No person shall commence fishing without a suitable landing net being made up and ready for use.  No Gaffs allowed.
  3. All nets shall be to EA or Government controlling bodies guidelines made of knotless non- metallic mesh.
  4. The use of gorge hooks, dead or nightlines or leaving baited rods unattended is strictly forbidden.
  5. All automatic striking devices are strictly forbidden.
  6. No person shall fish with live fish baits.
  7. Fishing with purchased dead fish baits such as sprats, mackerel, trout etc. and artificial lures shall be permitted.
  8. Under normal circumstances the transportation of fish from one swim to another is strictly prohibited. The only exception to this rule is if returning it to the water at the place of capture endangers the welfare of the fish or angler. In these circumstances the fish must be returned to the same reach of water as it was taken from.
  9. No person shall remove or transfer any fish from any venue.
  10. Pike fishing shall be permitted during the whole agreed coarse fishing season.
  11. No fish shall be offered for sale.
  12. No litter must be left in swims at the finish of fishing, please take it home.
  13. No tins to be taken to the waters edge. Bait such as luncheon meat or sweetcorn should be carried in a suitable bait container.
  14. All hooks size 16 and larger shall be Barbless. Hooks smaller than size 16 can be Micro or Whisker barbed.
  15. No more than 2 rods may be used at any one time.
  16. All members must be possession of a current Rod Licence.
  17. Members shall not trespass on adjoining land either in approaching or leaving the water nor do wilful damage to trees, grass, fences or other property.
  18. No catch shall be publicized in the Angling press without prior written consent of the committee. Any publicity of any kind will be handled by the committee not by individual members.

Any member infringing any of the Association rules will be subject to disciplinary action and subject to suspension or dismissal.

Backstream & Weir pool

  1. We recommend that members always have a charged mobile phone on them and where possible the What3words App. or emergency contact telephone numbers installed.
  2. CSAS members are only allowed to fish the 2 sections of the northern bank as shown on the map.
  3. No night fishing behind the Cottages
  4. Parking at designated areas only.
  5. Members to report any accidents or incidents to the RTAA Committee
  6. No boilies are to be used in the Weir Pool or on the Back Stream
  7. Always refer to the map in the rule book and or website for fishing limits and access routes.  Members are not to stray onto the operational areas of the Grundon Site at Colthrop
  8. We recommend carrying a fist aid kit at all times.


  1. Parking has been secured at Thatcham Football Club for members fishing at the Arrowhead. Please use the gravel area just inside the entrance on the right.
  2. Members MUST display their current seasons permit in a visible place inside their car when using this facility.
  3. Overhead cables are indicated by signage and the restrictions must be observed.
  4. Fishing with rod and line only no poles
  5. Junior members must be accompanied by a senior member.
  6. Always refer to the map on the website for fishing limits and access points.

Locations of fisheries.

Midgham Water, K&A canal

What3Words – ///soccer.sake.dine

Directions – Midgham Water is accessed from Brimpton Road, which is a turning off the A4 between Woolhampton and Thatcham.

Parking – Parking is just off the Brimpton Road in the roadside lay-by as shown in the fishery map.

Woolhampton, K&A canal

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Directions – From Junction 12 on the M4 motorway, take the A4 towards Newbury until you get to the village of Woolhampton. Take the first turning on the left, Station Road, opposite the Angel public house, in the centre of the village and pass over the level crossing and river. Immediately you will see on the Rowbarge public house on your right. Coming from Newbury turn right at the Angel.

Parking – Twenty vehicle parking places are reserved for canal users at the rear of the Rowbarge pub car park. Please display your car park permit.

Colthrop, K&A canal

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Directions – From the east, travel along the A4. At the roundabout on the outskirts of Thatcham (crematorium to the right) take the first exit, Gables Way. At a T-junction turn left, cross level crossing, immediately turn left, follow road to bridge over canal, over bridge, immediately turn right, go past cottages, parking is at the end.

From the west, along A4 through Thatcham, turn right down Calthrop Lane, first exit at roundabout, over level crossing, then as above.

Parking – rough ground just past the row of cottages

R Kennett, backstream and weirpool, Colthrop

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Directions – As for K&A Canal Colthrop. From the car park there is access to swims on the north bank of the weirpool. For the backstream, from the car park walk downstream along the canal until you reach Peg 25, from where a well defined path leads to the backstream approximately half way along its length. From here move up or downstream as you wish.

Parking – rough ground just past the row of cottages

Arrowhead, R Kennet

What3words – ///hulk.draining.deferring

Directions – From the east, travel along the A4 to a roundabout on the outskirts of Thatcham. Take the first exit (Pipers Way, SP Thatcham Station), first exit at roundabout, then over, in succession, a level crossing, the K&A Canal and River Kennet. Turn left into Thatcham Town Football Club and park in the first (gravelled) car park on the right – display parking permit. Walk back along the road, shortly a track leads off to the right which runs parallel to the downstream stretch of the river. The river is accessed from this track. For the upstream length, walk back over the bridge, and on your left a track leads down to the river.

Parking – Parking for this venue is in the Thatcham Football club car park in the area which is the first turning to the right from the road (indicated on map with a Red P)


  • Barbel
  • Bream
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench

Brief description of fisheries:

Midgham Water, K&A canal

The fishery, on the south bank of the canal, starts at the Reed Thatcham AA notice board just upstream of Midgham Lock and finishes at peg 39 which is marked on the weir bridge.

Woolhampton, K&A canal

The fishery consists of about 1000 yards of the K&A canal. The fishing is upstream of Woolhampton Lock (number 94) on the south bank as far as the swing bridge. Upstream of the swing bridge, the fishing switches to the north bank and goes up as far as Heales Lock (number 93). The fishery is shared with Reed Thatcham AA and King Heron AS.

Members are forbidden to fish in the locks. A maximum of two rods may be used.

Colthrop, K&A canal

This attractive fishery, consists of three lengths of the K&A Canal, the downstream end of which merges into Midgham Water – see separate entry. The fishery is permanently pegged, pegs 1-19, above Colthrop Lock is a flowing section, pegs 20-29, below the lock, is a ‘dead’ section, and pegs 30-38, below the horse bridge, is again a flowing section. The flowing sections are particularly suited to the stick float. The downstream end runs into Midgham Water, also shared with RTAA.

R Kennet, Backstream and Weirpool, Colthrop

This short, wild stretch of the River Kennet is adjacent to the K&A Canal. It runs out of the canal through a weir just above Colthrop Lock and rejoins the canal further downstream of the lock. There is a weirpool immediately below the weir. We only have access to the northern bank of this fishery.

R Kennet, ‘Arrowhead’, Thatcham

This wild stretch of the River Kennet consists of the north bank of the upstream length and the south bank of the downstream length, separated by a road bridge.