Ellis Water

Baitboat & baiting spoon ban

Due to recent events in the Ellis Lagoon regarding their unsafe use, baitboats and baiting spoons are now banned. This rule applies only to the Lagoon you can still use them on Big Sheepwalk and Ellis main lake.

Brief description of fishery:

There are some very large fish of a variety of species in Ellis. Fish care and safety must be paramount at all times.

Ellis had a major stocking of carp in 2012. At the time it was thought that there were about 70 original fish that were stocked in 1985. It is not known how many of these fish survive today but we would hazard a guess at roughly 30.  The 2012 stocking comprised 150 mirror carp, these are currently weighing anything between 25lb and 35lb and are now considered very difficult to catch.

In 2016 another 30 mirror carp were stocked by the club and further stockings were made the following spring of some commons and larger mirrors to just under twenty pounds.

From close observation over several seasons and from watching the fish spawn as well as closely studying anglers photographs, we can safely say we have over 300 Carp in Ellis. The last two seasons anglers have reported captures of carp between 5 and 8 pounds which must the result of successful spawning.

As to weights of carp, we definitely have some residents that very rarely if ever, get caught. One of these is a large common and sightings of other large unknown fish have been reported.  As for the ‘friendly’ ones we have 5 known originals all around the 38lb mark that usually do a couple of visits to the bank each season, one of these recently caught at over 40lb but we were unable to verify this.

The tench in Ellis are having a comeback with a lot more getting caught in recent years, possibly due to the increased weed growth many more fry are making it through to maturity.

No tench have ever been stocked in Ellis and so these are indigenous fish. As to numbers we really have no idea, but they must be in the hundreds. The lake has produced a 13lb fish in recent years  and 12s have already been reported in 2022.

Although bream to 16lb have been caught in the past, they no longer appear to be there in any great size or numbers. The odd small fish has been reported but that is all.

Ellis also contains sticklebacks, bullheads, roach, perch, pike and eels. Predation from cormorants may account for the apparent lack of roach but the huge shoals of fry attest to their presence, as to their sizes and numbers again we have no idea. Big perch are definitely present and have been picked up by the occasional piker when spinning.

Specimens of over four pounds have been caught. The pike have undoubtedly suffered at the hands of the cormorants but there are plenty to go for albeit rather skinny ones. Fish to just over 20lb have been reported and authenticated. Ellis could possibly do a massive eel and fish of 6lb plus have been landed.

Length of stay on Ellis

The rules state that if you arrive between Sunday and Wednesday you may stay for a maximum of 72 hours. However, it has become the practice that at times of high demand and in the interests of fairness, the fishery manager may decide to limit the length of stay to 48 hours. This is the position at the moment, as notices on site say.

If you have any questions or you would like further information on this water please contact the fishery manager.

Fishery rules

The rules for Ellis Water are more numerous and complex than for our other venues. Please ensure that you are familiar with them before fishing.

  1. General
    1. Most of this fishery is shared with members of the Littleton Sailing Club (Civil Service Sailing Association). Members must at all times observe the rules and take account of the differing needs of those sailing on the water.
    2. Members are responsible for the safety of their own tackle at all times. Littleton Sailing Club will not accept responsibility for tackle lost or damaged.
    3. The fishery is comprised of Littleton Lake and the Lagoon. Despite the overall size of the fishery, the number of swims is limited. Fishing is permitted only in those areas shown on the map.
    4. Electricity power cables are present and cross the water at one place. Exercise extreme caution and at all times “Look Out. Look Up!
    5. Night fishing by members only is permitted. Except when the “mid-week” rules apply (see 6, below) no member may be on the fishery for more than 48 hours, after which he/she must remove all items of equipment and must not return to the fishery before 24 hours have passed.
    6. Mid-week rules. From 1 April until 31 October: members arriving on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday may stay a maximum of 72 hours. Those arriving on Thursday, Friday and Saturday may only stay a maximum of 48 hours. From 1 November until 31 March: the maximum stay is 72 hours, regardless of time of arrival. All these conditions are dependent upon the numbers of anglers on the lake, please check the Society notice boards around the lakes for updates. On the spot one-month bans may be issued by bailiffs on behalf of the GPC to members who are caught overstaying the permitted hours on the venue.
    7. The reserving and rotation of swims between anglers is forbidden, the lakes operate on a strict first come first serve basis.
    8. Anglers may use either 2 rods or, upon the payment of an additional fee, up to four rods. This fee applies to non-retired members for the use of three or four rods. For retired members only, the GPC has introduced a three rod registration free of charge. The three/four-rod rule applies at Ellis Water and Big Sheep Walk only.
    9. Diving has precedence over fishing in the Divers’ Bay. Fishing is permitted in the Divers’ Bay only if no diving is taking place. Members must remove all lines from the water and all equipment and bait from the diving platform immediately when divers arrive.
    10. Bait boats are allowed but only when there are no sailing boats on the lake. Bait boats must not be used beyond 150 yards or beyond the sailing club buoys, whichever distance be the shorter.
    11. New members may be subject to rig checks to ensure that they are fish-safe.
    12. No dogs are allowed on the island at Ellis.
    13. Please observe the speed limit on newly laid roads around Ellis.
  2. Close season
    1. There is NO closed season on this venue.
  3. Night fishing
    1. Night fishing is permitted for both members and their TMT guests. 
  4. Rules for use of anglers’ boats
    1. N.B. these rules apply to all boats, including those that are kept on the venue and those taken to and from the venue by trailer, or on top of, or inside vehicles.
    2. A boat is defined as a vessel with a rigid hull designed to float on the water and to contain the user(s) within it.  Anglers are not permitted to set out on Ellis Water on any vessel or floatation device which is not a boat.
    3. Boats must not exceed 4 metres in length. They must be capable of supporting safely two fully clothed persons even when the boat is flooded and must be provided with a means of climbing back should a user enter the water.
    4. Users of boats must be able to swim.
    5. Users of boats are responsible for their own safety at all times and boats may be used only at the risk of the user.
    6. Boats are not permitted on the water during the hours of darkness.
    7. The Littleton Sailing Club (LSC) Harbour Master may inspect boats from time to time, may point out any feature which is considered unsafe and may forbid the use of any boat for safety reasons. In these matters, the requirements of the Harbour Master must be complied with.
    8. No more than two persons are permitted to be in a boat at any time.
    9. When on the water, each person in a boat must wear a life jacket rated at a minimum of 150 Newtons and which must comply with ISO12402-3 British Standard BSEN396:1994. Users of boats must satisfy themselves that their life jacket can provide sufficient buoyancy with regard to their body weight and the clothes that they are wearing.
  5. Registration and storage of boats
    1. A limited number of boats may be stored at Ellis. Members wishing to store their boat at Ellis should contact Tony Thomas 07484 778529. However, there is a very long waiting list and members may only apply after they have been a member for a year.
    2. All boats used on Ellis Water must be registered with the Honorary Membership Secretary and the fee must be paid in accordance with arrangements in operation at the time.  When registering a boat, the owner must provide the Honorary Membership Secretary with its identification, i.e., the marking on its stern, its colour and length.
    3. All boats must be clearly marked on the stern with the surname of the owner preceded by the legend EW/, e.g., they should be marked EW/SMITH.
    4. Unregistered boats are not allowed to be used.
    5. When kept at Ellis Water, boats must be stored in a berth specified by the Harbour Master. Any boat accessories must be stored, at the risk of the owner, within or under the boat.
    6. Berths unoccupied for more than three months will be re-allocated.
    7. The venue manager, Tony Thomas, must be informed immediately the use of a berth ceases or when a boat is changed.
    8. Boats found outside the specified storage place are liable to be impounded and, in due course, disposed of.
    9. In accordance with the general rules for the use of boats at Ellis/Littleton Lake, anglers who use boats must have insurance providing cover against claims for personal injury or damage to property.
  6. Where and how boats may be used
    1. The use of boats is permitted only on Ellis/Littleton Lake. The use of boats in the Lagoon and in the Divers’ Bay is strictly forbidden.
    2. Boats may be used to lay out bait and baited lines. Boats may also be used to land large fish that have become snagged, but there must be two people in the boat at the time.
    3. Fishing from boats, traversing the lake in boats and general boating around the lake is forbidden.
    4. Only those islands that are designated for fishing may be accessed by boat.
    5. Electric motors, oars and paddles are the only permitted means of propelling a boat. The use of petrol outboard motors to propel boats is strictly forbidden.
    6. When organised sailing is taking place no angler’s boat is permitted on the water unless the user has obtained the express permission of the LSC’s Officer of the Day (OD). Any condition that the OD specifies must be complied with.  The OD may be found in the Race Control Hut at the water’s edge near the Club House.
    7. When there is no organised sailing, arrangements must be made, when on the water, to ensure that there is a person on shore who is keeping a watch on the boat and who is equipped with a mobile telephone in order to summon the emergency services if necessary.


TThe main entrance to the lake is in Littleton Lane. The north side of the lake and the Lagoon may be approached on a footpath leading from Fairview Drive or Sheep Walk. There is access via the gate at the end of Fairview Drive. Members using this gate and the main Littleton Lane entrance need a sailing club key (swipe-card), available from the Honorary Membership Secretary on payment of a fee.

Sailing Club entrance – pound.sprint.goes
Sheepwalk car park – ///pound.sprint.goes
Fairview Drive car park – ///buzz.camps.thin

Nearest postcodes
Sailing Club entrance – TW17 0JY
Sheepwalk car park – TW17 0AN
Fairview Drive car park – TW17 0JE

Access & Parking

The main entrance is through the gate to the sailing club on Littleton Lane. Vehicles may be parked inside the gate on the left-hand side of the main vehicle park or taken along the track to the right leading to the enclosure where they may be parked in the old boat park behind the gates (these must be left locked at all times) or in the Divers’ Bay vehicle park at the end of the track leading off to the left.

On Fairview Drive there is a small Society car park with space for about 6 cars. The gates must be kept locked at all times. If you choose to park on the public roads please take care  not to cause nuisance to local residents.

Parking is also available in the Society compound for Sheepwalk lakes.




  • Bream
  • Common Carp
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench