Big Sheepwalk

Brief description of fishery:

A mature gravel pit of approx. 18 acres with two large islands. The British record tench was caught from Big Sheepwalk in 2001, a record that still stands.

There are some very large fish of a variety of species in the Big Sheepwalk. Fish care and safety is paramount at all times.

Big Sheepwalk is arguably the hardest of the 3 lakes on the complex and probably the most difficult to assess the stock!

We know the original stock of this lake is very old and possibly predates any stocking carried out by the previous tenants Feltham Piscatorials. They are mostly commons and number somewhere in the region 60-70 fish. Of these about 4 are over 30lb and seem to get caught a couple of times a season. The lake contains at least one ‘monster’ an enormous common known as the ‘saddleback’ or the ‘rugby ball’. This is over 40lbs and whilst it is often seen it has only been caught once since CSAS took over the fishery.

Length of stay on Big Sheepwalk

The rules state that if you arrive between Sunday and Wednesday you may stay for a maximum of 72 hours. However, it has become the practice that at times of high demand and in the interests of fairness, the fishery manager may decide to limit the length of stay to 48 hours. This is the position at the moment, as notices on site say.

If you have any questions or you would like further information on this water please contact the fishery manager.

Fishery rules

  1. General
    1. On Big Sheepwalk anglers may use either 2 rods or, upon the payment of an additional fee, three rods. This fee applies to non-retired members. For retired members only, the GPC has introduced a three-rod registration free of charge.
    2. Please note: – Members must be in possession of appropriate Environment Agency Rod Licences when fishing with three rods.
    3. Bait boats are permitted on Big Sheepwalk but must not be used beyond 150 yards.
    4. Anglers boats, including bait boats, are not permitted on Little Sheepwalk under any circumstances.
    5. New members may be subject to rig checks to ensure that they are fish-safe.
  2. Close season
    1. There is no close season on either lake.
  3. Night fishing
    1. Night fishing is permitted on Big Sheepwalk.


The fishery is off Sheep Walk Lane in Shepperton. From the north, driving along the B376 you turn into Sheepwalk Lane at the village traffic lights.

From the south you turn onto Sheep Walk Lane from the B375, Chertsey Lane.

What3Words – Sheepwalk car park – ///assure.gentle.stale

Nearest postcode – TW17 0AS

Access & Parking

Parking is only allowed in the Society car park on Sheep Walk Lane. Members must not park in nearby residential streets.


  • Bream
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench