CSAS Match Angler of the Year

From June16th, 2023, CSAS will run a new competition for its match anglers. There is a total of 24 matches calendared for next season and at the end of the season two trophies will be awarded. The main trophy will be the CSAS Match Angler of the Year with the secondary trophy being awarded, if merited, for the Outstanding performance of the year. This could be a large net of fish on a single day, or it could be a specimen sized fish or it could be an outstanding performance by a junior member or, indeed, anything else that merits the trophy.

Both prize winners will be awarded a large Society trophy to keep for one year and a smaller trophy which they will keep forever.

The MAotY trophy will also entitle the winner to a year’s free membership of the Society. Should the winner already be eligible for free or reduced fees membership then a fishing tackle voucher, for an amount yet to be decided, will be awarded instead.

Rules for the MAotY

  1. Matches, which will be a mixture of pegged down and roving matches, will be fished on a variety of Society and shared waters for 1 year starting on June 16th each year.
  2. The dates and timings of the matches will be posted upon the Society website in due course.
  3. At the end of each match, points will be awarded to every angler that weighs in. The number of points will vary depending upon the number of competitors in each individual match. If 10 members fish, then the winner will be awarded 10 points, the runner up 9, 3rd place 8 and so on. If only 4 members fish, then the points will be 4 to the winner and so on. To encourage anglers to participate, an additional bonus point will be awarded to all who participate.
  4. As most members will be unable to fish all matches and, in an effort, to make it a fairer competition, of the 23 matches that are currently scheduled, only the best 20 results will count towards a member’s final score.
  5. The Competition will consist of the standard matches plus the Tony Paul Memorial match and the Xmas match but not the Officers and Bailiffs match.
  6. The standard Society matches will be free to enter but there will be an optional £2 winner-takes-all pool.
  7. A full set of Society match rules can be found on the Match Fixtures web page.

All queries about this competition should be emailed to Richard Cowling at r.cowling911@virginmedia.com