Rother Fishery Association


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CSAS members wishing to fish RFA waters MUST have their CSAS membership card with them.

NEW – The RFA has just updated it rule book. Please read the new rules before fishing RFA waters.

There have been reports of anglers’ cars being parked over the bridge at Stone and blocking the farmer’s access to the fields. Please ensure that you do not block any gate or path as doing so could cause the RFA problems.

There are also reports of the man who lives in the bungalow at Iden is getting cheesed off with people parking on the grass by his wall, so could please take care when fishing there.

After a member observed a poacher taking a large pike from the river you may find the following link useful for this and any other criminal activity that you observe – Sussex Police Report-a-crime


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Rother Fishery Association Venues (green RFA signs show access):

The RFA Venues list below uses the ‘What Three Words’ system of identifying locations.

River Rother, Robertsbridge
‘What Three Words’                         offers.repeated.beakers

River Rother, Salehurst Church
‘What Three Words’                         brambles.pitching.juggler

River Rother, Udiam (Parking in Park Farm Campsite)
‘What Three Words’                         hurt.assemblies.politics

River Rother, Bodiam (Parking in Bodiam Castle car park)
‘What Three Words’                         shifters.rival.webcams

River Rother, Newenden (Parking in Lossenham Lane or the field when gate open)
‘What Three Words’                         decades.originals.curable

River Rother, Blackwall Bridge and Ham Green
‘What Three Words’                         bouncing.confining.commuted

Potman’s Heath Channel
‘What Three Words’               

Royal Military Canal, Iden Lock
‘What Three Words’                         privately.allies.decays

Royal Military Canal, Stone Bridge
‘What Three Words’                         putty.juggles.irritated

Royal Military Canal, Appledore Dam
‘What Three Words’                         quote.afford.locator

Suffolk Stour, Henny Street (water share with Billericay & DAS)
‘What Three Words’                         stammer.endearing.announced