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Exchange permit agreement with Godalming Angling Society

The Society has an exchange permit agreement with Godalming Angling Society [GAS]. For CSAS members, four GAS permits, fishery information and access keys  will be held at the Apollo II Angling Centre, Marsh Farm Fisheries, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey GU8 5AE, tel. 01483 428885.  The Centre is open from 07:30 hours and information for return of the permits, etc., will be available there. Please note that no night fishing is permitted under this arrangement. 

Members are reminded that these must be returned to the Apollo Angling Centre at Marsh Farm if it is open.  If the Apollo Angling Centre is closed, exchange permits must be returned to Lee Noakes, Godalming Angling Society’s Head Bailiff, whose address is stated on the permit.

Details of GAS waters may be found on the GAS website.