Tony Paul Memorial Night Match 8/9th July
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Tony Paul Memorial Night Match 8/9th July

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Ian Campbell and his wife Carol. Each year they run around getting the food, and preparing the food for the BBQ before the match. And it was very nice thank again.
I would also like to thank again the members that sent me donations for the Sam Beare Hospice and also all of the members that fished our match last night, all their fees will be going to the Hospice. We collected just over £300 . Some time in the next week Ian Campbell will take the donations to the Hospice. I’m certain Ian will put something on our Facebook page.
Our match last night, we had 20 members and 2 juniors fish. There was a total of
129Ib 14oz weighed in ,with some big fish caught.
1st Dave Barnard 41Ib all bream, Dave had 4 big bream average 10Ib.
2nd Paul Seymour 29Ib 2oz, Paul had a 14Ib 2oz Barbel, and some bream.
3rd Trevor Cottam 12Ib 4oz, 8Ib 4oz bream and a mixed bag.
4th Eidenas Gulbinas junior 11Ib, a 7Ib bream, and mixed bag. Also lost a couple of bream. Well done Eidenas to beat most of the adults.
5th Fraser Macadam 9Ib 13oz, a big bream, and mixed bag.
6th David Clark 6Ib 2oz,

Finally a say thanks to Trevor and Alfie for their help with the draw, and with the weigh in.

Richard Cowling