Match No 2, R Kennet, Hambridge
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Match No 2, R Kennet, Hambridge

We had a good start to our match, one of the boat users had managed to jam the swing bridge. We couldn’t get our cars across to park in our car park.  So we parked in the lane, and walk across with our trolleys. Alan Muller drew number 1, and decided to fish the shallow stretch below the car park.  Myself and Mark Davison, fished just above the car park.  Trevor Cottam decided to go a bit further upstream.  It was quite overcast when we started,  but later the sun came out , and it was very warm. Mark Davison and myself were both struggling to get bites on stick float.  We both had trout, but we don’t weigh them in matches.  It seemed that Alan and Trevor were doing better in the shallow swims.

1st Alan Muller 2Ib 12oz, mixed bag of dace, perch, and a nice grayling, that we don’t weigh in matches.

2nd Trevor Cottam 2Ib 9oz, Trevor had some very large dace, best I’ve seen in a long time.

3rd Richard Cowling 12oz, just a couple of dace.

4th Mark Davison 3oz, just minnow. Mark struggled all day to get bites.

It seemed on the day, that the fish were in the faster shallow water.

Posted 02/07/23