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TVAA – update

Hi everyone,

Sorry this is a little late, I try to give you a month’s notice so I’m a couple of days out. There will be a TVAA Committee Meeting on Monday the 24th July at the Old Windsor clubhouse down Romney Lock Road in Windsor. Parking is still free (I HOPE!)

It starts at 8pm and drinks will be available. We would like to see as many faces as possible please.


There is this woman (I use her biological gender, but for all I know she might identify as cat [joke]) at the EA who is an ‘Advisor’ to the Asset Performance Team for the Jubilee. She is trying to banish swimmers, paddleboarders, canoeists, and anglers from using the river and even, I understand, wishing now to call it the Jubilee Flood Relief Channel as opposed to river. She has now instructed her workers to cut down some trees and place them in front of three swims near the Amerden Road Bridge, thus removing them from fishing.

The map shows the area where she does not want us fishing. I.E.: from Amerden Lane wooden bridge downstream to the metal gate.

This is a bit hypocritical since she forbid any cutting of trees during the nesting season. Still, nothing surprises me about hypocrisy in the EA. It is also very stupid of her since when the trees dry out they will provide fuel for those that go down there in the night and light fires. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sets fire to the trees themselves. It is EA vandalism and is anything BUT natural. She has despoiled the area with her actions, and this is what gives the EA such a bad, but well deserved name.

So having spoken to our Bailiff, Ian, we are advising anglers NOT to remove any litter from that area and if they see any on the ground, report it to the EA on their 0800 807060 number and ask them to pass the report on to the Asset Performance Team so that she can go down there and clear it herself. That’s if she knows where it is.

The same if they see anyone vandalising any property around there or fishing illegally, report it to that Freephone number.

If there are any further blockages of swims that are on our LEGAL fishing licence agreement, we will be contacting the Angling Trust and get them to fight this woman for us. It is removing fishing rights that we have enjoyed for 20 years now and have never had an incident occurring whatsoever. OK, we are not too keen on the attitude of many canoeists, but the swimmers are very cooperative, and Ian and I were talking to a couple of nice lady swimmers on Monday.

The point is, we all have a right to use that RIVER as it is part of the Thames (being a tributary of sorts.) In 2005 there was a meeting at the International Rowing Centre to decide what sports could use ‘this new facility’. It was agreed on anything barring powered craft (including electric).

I wonder if the Maidenhead Advertiser newspaper might want to hear about this…

More discussion at our meeting perhaps, but in the meantime tell any members you see NOT to remove litter from this particular area. If it gets into such a state as to look more like a rubbish dump then the Amerden Lane residents might want action taking.

Jeff Woodhouse, Acting Secretary
Thames Valley Angling Association

Posted 28/06/23