Match No 1, Jubilee River, Taplow
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Match No 1, Jubilee River, Taplow

Just 3 members fished the match,. With some of our regulars taking their holiday’s and Mark Davison, who normally doesn’t miss a match, texting me early Saturday morning to say he couldn’t make the match as he was unwell.  He later texted me to say he had been to A&E. They told him he had kidney stones.  So Mark, get well  and hopefully we’ll see you on the next match.

When we started the match it was overcast,  and we were getting a few bites, but as the sun came out, and it was brilliant sunshine, the fish didn’t feed. Speaking to the bailiff,  he said that members that fished the day before, fished in the evening when the sun had gone down,  and they were catching.

Alan Muller – 4 small roach 10 oz.

Richard Cowling – roach, and perch 6oz

Leslie Cole, didn’t weigh in

Posted 18/06/23