RFA Waters and Pike Match Report
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RFA Waters and Pike Match Report

Dear RFA Member,

As you know I organised three charity pike matches on the River Rother with the very kind permission of the estate owner (who not only offered us the use of the river adjacent to the Newenden RFA length, but also put up three incredible £250 prizes for the biggest fish of each day) and Tim, the Head of Security, who, with me, prepared all the swims, made available the excellent parking, and provided me with rock-solid support throughout.

The two matches fished generated a total of £357 (including many generous ‘bucket donations’ by the anglers) and that will be split equally between two children’s hospices (Demelza and Chestnut Tree), and the Deaf Children’s Society, £119 each.

The first match was called off completely due to the weather, and the second had to be transferred to the canal. Dani Fiumicelli of ODAA won that one with a 21 pound fish. The third one went ahead, the weather being kind to us, and a great day was had – Mick Ransom (Hastings) winning with two fish (total 22/04) including a13 pounder (and the photos show I can’t take a photo….) Dani (ODAA) once again did very well and landed a 16-pounder for second place and picked up the £250 ‘biggest fish’ cash prize. All the fish caught, ten in total,  16/00; 13/10; 13/00; 13/00; 9/04; 8/14; 7/10; 5/02 and the smallest (John Chapman ‘winning’ £25!) 1/02) were fine, fat, healthy and very hard-fighting fish.

We’ve all got access to some great waters in this part of the world, and I hope to arrange some similar events next season as well. If you have read this far, don’t stop now but turn over…………………..

One of the photos shows the river on the day, it was in very good condition, and on the upstream RFA length there was a Tenterden match taking place with long poles in evidence all the way along the bankside and, as I walked along, it looked like there were many fish being lifted out by the participants.

I would strongly recommend people visit the various RFA waters when they can. Each RFA water is clearly identifiable with a large green sign, and the RFA website shows a range of pictures of what waters we have, where they are, the access points, and also of what gets caught. (Please ensure that you / your members do NOT fish downstream of the RFA sign on the gate at Newenden, the river is STRICTLY PRIVATE as the sign I put up makes clear. The ONLY anglers who may fish there are those given prior written permission from Tim and who expressed an interest at the pike match. No one else!)

Steve Crowley
RFA General Administrator

21st. February 2023