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More RFA news

Good evening again all, I thought you’d be interested to see the pictures below. Thanks to Stephen Ryan for sending them to me just now.

Not only a great day’s pike fishing (see previous news item), but on the RFA length adjacent, Tenterden held a match and the results are clear.

A brilliant catch by Tosh to win it, and as is very clear, extremely good quality fish – it’s not every day that roach to 1 pound 7 ounces come out of our rivers! Tosh’s net of fish shows just how good the fishing can be – well done all, everyone caught fish.

OK I know I am biased, but it does show just how good the RFA waters are, and all for an annual pittance of not much more than the cost of a cup of Costa coffee per person!

I should never have moved from Newenden……….!



Posted 24/03/23