A good day at Crabtree
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A good day at Crabtree

On Sunday I decided to do a few hours fishing. And yes, what a 4 hour session, it was unbelievable. I started fishing at 12:00 and within 10 minutes had a double take on both of my rods. I had an 11lb common but while posing for a picture, I lost the other one. I thought good, at least I didn’t blank when maybe 40 mins later another rod screamed off, this time with a 9lb mirror carp and whilst I was playing that fish another rod screamed off with a 7.07 lb mirror. I was over the moon already having 3 carp in such a short time but it didn’t stop there. I cast my rods back out and after some time another double take with a 7 lb common on one rod and 6.06lb mirror on the other rod. All in total, l I had 5 carp, lost 1 and still had some other takes.

Arturas Gulbinas

Posted 16/01/23