Hambridge update
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Hambridge update

Just an update to let you know what’s happening at Hambridge.

Good news, bad news really. The good news is that we have a new crayfish trapper, his name is Andy and he has taken over from Steve Haines who did a terrific job for us over many years. He has already started and last week alone, took 400kg of crays from the middle meadow, it just shows you how many there are in there.

Now the bad news, Newbury angling club have started, as from today, putting up an otter fence on Pallets pool which is in the middle meadow. The work they are doing could last up to four weeks. They are working week days only, from 0800 to 1630. So, there will be a lot of noise and disruption in the middle meadow area.

Tight lines Steve Williams

Posted 02/11/22