Hambridge tree clearance
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Hambridge tree clearance

Here are ‘before and after’ pictures of yesterday’s work party at Hambridge. They are pictures of two fallen trees that had been deliberately left in to help oxygenate the water, clean the spawning gravels and provide fish shelter, but, with winter approaching, we thought it best to remove them lest, in one case, they caused flooding into Bell Wood Lake, which would have upset our friends in Newbury AA, and in the other (immediately downstream of Ham Bridge) possibly flood the small trading estate.
The first two pics are of the tree adjacent to Bell Wood, the next three are of the Ham Bridge tree.
The work party was the ‘usual suspects’ – Arturas Gulbinas, Vidas Valkauskas, Mark Flux, Ian Hagget, and Steve Williams. Stuart Brown would have joined us but, unfortunately, he was suffering from the after effects of his covid booster.
Posted – 10/10/22