Eel kill at Ellis/Sheepwalk
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Eel kill at Ellis/Sheepwalk

We have had a number of fish deaths on Ellis, Big Sheepwalk, Little Sheepwalk and The Lagoon. All the dead fish are large eels, 3lb +.

Following liaison with the EA by Tony Thomas, they attended today. The EA tested the water and all was fine in relation to PH levels and dissolved oxygen content. The water temperature at 14 feet was recorded at 21.5 degrees C. It is suspected that the issue is either the eel version of KVH or another rare viral infection. All water born viruses are prolifically active at temperatures in excess of 20 degrees C.

Members of the sailing club, Howard and Bill, took myself and the EA representative out in one of the rescue boats in an attempt to recover some of the deceased eels. We only found two washed up on the shore line, both were somewhat decomposed and not suitable for post mortem examination.

The EA have requested that we ask members to look out for recently deceased eels or eels showing distress or that appear to be near end of life and retain them and contact Tony Thomas who will arrange collection and liaise with the EA.

Dave Fish

Posted 31/08/22