Match No 7 result, R Thames, Windsor
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Match No 7 result, R Thames, Windsor

The Thames was still very low with not a lot of flow. However, the roach were feeding and Alan Muller won the match with a fine bag of quality roach. He fished down the middle of a swim that was 13ft deep using a waggler. He fed hemp and casters, whilst hook bait was corn and tares. 11 members fished the match including young junior  Alfie Hinds. Alfie fished next to his dad and had a good bag of roach fishing 4th overall.
1st Alan Muller 14Ib
2nd Mark Davison 7Ib
3rd Charles Pain  4Ib 9oz
4th Alfie Hinds Junior 4Ib 8oz
5th Paul Hinds 3Ib8oz
6th Richard Cowling 2Ib 10oz
7th Trevor Cottam 2Ib 9oz

Posted 21/08/22