Match No 5 result, R Thames, Windsor
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Match No 5 result, R Thames, Windsor

I would like to say a big thank you to Ian Campbell, and his wife Carol for preparing and cooking the BBQ for 26 members. Everything was set out on the tables for members. We had burgers, sausage and a side salad plus home made cake. We did the draw during the BBQ, and we fished from 19:45 until 06:30. I knew it was going to be hard with the very difficult conditions. Very hot during our BBQ, but also the river was very low and clear. The only bit of flow was found by the weir, but that wasn’t much. Out of 26 members only 4 weighed in.

1st 18Ib 14oz. George Smith- a couple of very big bream and a mixed bag.
2nd 6Ib 9oz. Paul Seymour- 1 Bream.
3rd 3Ib 14oz- Vidas Valkauskas – Mixed bag.
4th. 1Ib 7oz – Trevor Cottam – Mixed bag.

Richard Cowling