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Royal Windsor Racecourse

Royal Windsor Racecourse

River Thames and Mill Stream within the confines of Royal Windsor Racecourse, Berkshire.

Venue description: Over a mile of the River Thames including Boveney weir pool together with a similar stretch of mill stream.

Species: Barbel, bream, chub, roach, dace, perch, pike, carp and eels

Parking: In many areas it is possible to park behind your swim. There are also other designated parking places within the racecourse perimeter.

Closed season: The National closed season, 15th March to 15th June applies to this venue.

Comment: With its easy parking this venue is very popular with night fishermen. Barbel to over thirteen pounds, carp to thirty pounds, chub to seven pounds, and large bream shoals with individual fish to ten pounds provide the main sport although there is also a good head of roach, dace, perch and pike.

Night fishing is permitted.

Views of the river and typical swims.

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