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Sheep Walk


Sheep Walk, Shepperton, Twickenham, TW17 0AN

Venue description: This fishery was acquired in 2015 and is a superb addition to the Society's portfolio. This is a two lake fishery between Ellis Water and Sheep Walk Road. The larger lake sits on the north side of the M3 with Sheep Walk road as its eastern border, while the smaller lake sits to the north, also with Sheep Walk direct to the east.

Species: The large lake contains a head of large carp, bream and tench. The record tench was captured here in 2001 weighing in at 15lbs 3ozs. It is favoured by the carp specimen hunters as the carp grow to over 40lbs. Stock enhancement during April 2016 with 100 carp 4-6 lb and approx. 100 tench 3/4 to 1lb.

Parking:There is a fenced and gated carpark off Sheep Walk offering partly secure parking facilities for members.

Closed season: There is NO closed season on this venue.

Comments: The small lake contains carp, bream, tench and pike. It is favoured by the pleasure angler looking for some rod bending specimens.


Sheep Walk Large Lake

Sheep Walk Small Lake

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