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Match Results for 2015/16

Crabtree 26 May

1. J Ellyatt 43lb 11oz; 2. T Gyngell 17lb 1oz; 3. T Paul 7lb 8oz.

Crabtree 2 June

1. J Ellyatt 40lb 14oz, 2. J Collins 21lb 12oz, 3. A Boutelle 16lb 3oz

Crabtree 9 June

1. J Ellyatt 26lb 7oz, 2. A Boutelle 9lb 11oz, T Paul 6lb 8oz

Crabtree 7 July

1. J Ellyatt 68lb 13 oz, 2. A Boutelle 20lb 1oz, 3. T Paul 14lb 3oz.

Windsor 23 June

1. A Boutelle 11lb 14oz, 2. J Ellyatt 7lb 9oz 3. D Steele 5lb 6oz

Windsor 30 June

1. J Ellyatt 11lb 3oz, 2. A Boutelle 10lb 11oz, 3.T Gyngell 6lb 6oz.

Windsor 6/7 June Night Match.

1. F McAdam 52lb 5oz, 2. J Nash 26lb 2oz 3. A Boutelle 2lb 7oz.

Hambridge 28 June v RTAA.

1. I Quech 7lb 3oz, 2. M Chapple 6lb 11oz, 3. T Keel 6lb 3oz.

J. Speer/S. King Memorial, Crabtree, 7 July 2015

Result: 1. J. Ellyatt 68lb 13oz, 2. T. Paul 14lb 3oz

J. Speer/S. King 14 July Windsor 17 July 2015

Result: 1. J. Ellyatt 11lb 12oz, 2. A. Boutelle 11lb 9oz, 3. D. Steele 6lb 9oz

Fass Trophy, Hambridge, 19 July 2015

Abandoned due to lack of competitors

J. Speer/S. King Memorial, Windsor, 28 July 2015

Result: 1. J. Ellyatt 21lb 12oz, 2. A. Boutelle 10lb 5oz, 3. T. Paul 5lb 9oz

Inter-club match with Reed Thatcham AA, Soke Road, 26 July 2015

Result: 1. T. Ward 24lb 7oz,2. S. Skilton 24lb, 3. T. Holdsworth 22lb 4oz (All RTAA)

Fass Trophy Windsor, 2 August, 2015

Result: 1. T. Gyngell 13lb 3oz, 2. D. Steele 10lb 8oz, 3. T. Paul 9lb 13oz

Inter-club match with Old Windsor AC, Hambridge, 23 August 2015

Result: 1. J. Giles (OW) 12lb 5oz, 2. J. Fisher (CSAS) 10lb 14oz, 3. S. Keable (OW) 6lb 2oz.

Fass Trophy, Datchet, 30 August 2015

Result:1. J. Ellyatt 11lb 7oz, 2. D. Steele 5lb 9oz, 3. K .James & T. Gyngell 4lb 12oz.

Fass Trophy, Windsor, 13 September 2015

Result: 1. D. Steele 18lb 14oz, 2. A. Boutelle 9lb 13oz, 3. J. Ellyatt 6lb 10oz

Fass Trophy, Woolhampton, 27 September 2015

Result: 1. D. Steele 5lb 6oz, 2. T. Paul 2lb 1oz

Fass Trophy, Windsor, 11 October 2015

Result: 1. A. Boutelle 20lb 14 oz, 2. J. Ellyatt 4lb 14oz, 3. T. Paul 4lb 2oz

David Steele has won the Fass Trophy with a round to spare. Congratulations Dave!

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