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3 February 2017

Just in case you missed it elsewhere, East Whiplay lake no longer has a close season in place.

5 January 2017

Windsor Racecourse. The combination lock on the main entry gate has changed. The new number was included in the November Newsletter and has also been posted on the Home Page of the Members Only Website.

8 December 2016


We have a new bridge joining the main land to Swan Island thanks to the hard work of Tony Thomas and his helpers. The old bridge was falling apart mainly due to the recent storms and was considered dangerous to use.

27 October 2016

Crabtree Lake

To improve security Elmbridge Model Boat Club are buying about 500 sea buckthorn and blackthorn plants to be planted outside the fence on the road side in vulnerable spots. They are doing this on 27th November starting about 0930. Hot dogs,mulled wine and beer will be supplied. Unfortunately I will be away but it would be good to have a strong turnout from CSAS. Could you let me know if you are coming? Good idea to bring forks (garden,not eating!) and spades.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Ian Campbell, (Fisheries Officer)


Members should note that Windsor is closed for fishing on both the forth and fifth of November due to firework displays. Members will on no account be admitted to the site on these days. Two members ignored the closure on 2 October when the Palace to Palace bike event was taking place. They were identified by racecourse staff and are being dealt with. It is annoying these events are not always notified to us in time for the information to be included on our membership cards so it is essential that members check with information contained in news letters or on the website.

Members should be aware that for the second time this month a group of travellers has set up camp in the outer car park area. The racecourse management have employed security guards to keep an eye on them until they can be evicted but members should ensure that they re-lock any gates they find locked. It would also be prudent not to leave tackle unattended or leave cars unlocked. Due to these recent incursions by the travelling community it is likely we will have to change the padlock combination. Check your next news letter for details of the new number and date of change.


Please note that all fisheries that are accessed by gates with combination locks have had the combination number changed to the one printed on the front of your permit.


Rule 3.4.17 states that cars may be parked inside the gate on the left hand side of the main car park, this does not mean that they can be parked in front of the sailing clubhouse. Some members have done so, much to the annoyance of the sailing club vice commodore and have been asked to move their car. Please refrain from parking in front of the clubhouse.


Faeces and used toilet paper have been found in obvious places in some swims adjacent to footpaths. This disgusting practice is to cease; it does us no good with our landlords, the Surrey Wildlife Trust, and with the general public, who walk their children and dogs round here. It also gives anglers in general a bad name.

If the culprit(s) is caught it will be a matter for a disciplinary committee, which could lead to expulsion. - BURY IT OR SHIP IT OUT


Nigel Watson has kindly agreed to become Fishery Manager for East Whipley. His phone number is 01483 283180.


On the night of 24th May, the EA, as part of the environmental study for the flood relief channel, will be carrying out a fish survey at Ellis, Big and Little Sheep walk. They will be using boats and sonar and will be as unobtrusive as possible, but be aware.


The farmer at Datchet is not happy with a minority of members who go too fast down the track to the car park. He's thinking of putting up 10 mph speed limit signs, which he shouldn't have to. It is particularly important for members not to speed down the farm track as inexperienced horse riders now use the track on their way to the fields beyond.

So,please keep your speed down, the last thing we want is to get on bad terms with our landlords. Ultimately this could result in the Society losing one of its prime fishery, you have been warned.


Starting 10th May, weather permitting, contractors will be clearing up the mess below Bull's Lock. They will also be pollarding the trees by the car park, so the car park will be closed for a few days from that date. Sorry, have not got a definitive end date


Please note that the working party is scheduled for SUNDAY 1 May 2016 at 9.00 am, NOT Saturday at 9.00 am.

25 April 2016


The Esso gas pipe that runs under our path on the Littleton Lane bank needs maintenance work and contractors are due to start work on Monday 25 April. The heavy machinery required to carry out this work will block the pathway from the entrance gate down to divers bay. The work is expected to take a week.

2 APRIL 2016


Little Sheepwalk was today stocked with approx. 100 carp 4-6 lb and approx. 100 tench 3/4 to 1lb.


Please note that the working party is scheduled for SUNDAY 15 May 2016 at 9.00 am

NOT Saturday at 9.30 am.


Reminder - car parking permits should be displayed on the dashboard when fishing Society waters. It should be displayed on the windscreen when visiting Windsor Racecourse so that the security cameras can capture it.


Contrary to Rule 2.3.9 Sheepwalk lakes are open the whole year round. The Rule Book will be amended in due course.



55 carp between 7 & 20lbs have been introduced into the lake.

It is hoped that some carp and tench will be available to stock the Sheepwalk small lake in the near future.

SheepwalkStockCarp1 SheepwalkStockCarp2



Environment Agency Fish Survey results for stretch below the railway bridge to the new weir:-

The survey below Bulls was mixed, although overall good. This survey is timed rather than fished over a known area like the Hambridge survey, we also use a boat rather than wading for obvious reasons! The number of fish caught on the survey was 2 fish/min. This is an average result, although the number of different species caught was encouraging- 9 in total. This included barbel, brown trout, chub, common bream, dace, grayling, perch, pike and roach. The species that made up the majority of this catch were roach, dace and pike. The overall weight was just under 1200 g/min, which is excellent. The majority being made up by pike, common bream and chub.

This is a section where we normally have a good catch of pike and a fish of 900mm was caught during the survey - around 15lb in weight. There were also 3 barbel caught ranging from 512mm to 629mm, the first we have caught for a while on this survey. The average size of the chub was very good ranging from 397mm to 490mm, although it would have been good to have seen some smaller fish in the catch. Overall this is a good result for the stretch and a full report will produced and available in the spring.

20 NOVEMBER 2015


The cutting of the trees below the railway bridge has been completed apart from some clearing up and that,with care,there is now access all along that bank.

12 NOVEMBER 2015


Work has started on pollarding the trees between the railway bridge and Fidlers, therefore, in the interest of safety this stretch of the river is out of bounds. The finishing date for this work is unknown at the present but as soon as it is known the information will be posted on this website and on the forum.

Access to Fidlers is still possible.

19 OCTOBER 2015

Grant Milliam has taken over the duties of Hon Membership Secretary from Ian Campbell. Ian has done wonderful work as Mem. Sec. over the last few years and will be taking on the Hon Fisheries Officers post shortly following a change over with Tony Paul. Tony has been our Fisheries Officer for a large numbers of years and has maintained and improved our fisheries to the envy of many other Clubs. I am sure the support given to Tony will be maintained with Ian and a big thank you to all our members who have done so over the years.


The Environment Agency stocked Crabtree Lake with approx 100 perch, 3 - 5 inches long and hopefully these will grow up and start keeping the small roach in check.


13 OCTOBER 2015

National Open Pike Angling
Thursday 5 November 2015
Venue: Pentney Lakes near Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1LE
Start time: 9:30am
Entry Fee - £10
Closing Date for entries: Thursday 15 October 2015
For further information please click here - http://www.cssc.co.uk/RegionalSites/NationalOpenPikeAngling2015.aspx

9 OCTOBER 2015


Environment Agency Fish Survey results:-

The fish survey has not been done since 2010, so it was interesting to see how the fishery had changed during that time.  This is a quick overview of the results.

  • The number of different species caught was impressive, with 13 in total.

  • Dace recorded the highest numbers with 156 individuals.  The majority of these fish were 3 years old.

  • The largest fish caught were two chub measuring 498mm (just over 4lb).

  • Barbel numbers were as usual good and the catch consisted of smaller examples of the species.  The barbel were all caught towards the top of the section, underneath the overhanging trees.

  • The number of grayling caught was encouraging, with the highest number of individuals recorded in recent survey years.  It is possible that these fish have dropped down from the Lambourn, as fish passage is now possible due to recently built fish passes.

  • As with other reaches of the lower Kennet brown trout numbers were good.   and  the majority of the fish caught were wild. 

  • The woody debris introduced held good numbers of roach and dace; this was despite shallow water at the time of the survey.  This has also caused good in-channel diversity, in the form of scouring and deposition.  These deeper areas mean more fish holding sections, even in low flows.

  • Overall this is a good result for this site.  Once the data has been inputted to our database and analysed a formal report will be sent through.

survey1 Survey2
Survey3 Survey6
Survey4 Survey5

 2 OCTOBER 2015


EA Electro fish surveys at Hambridge

Members will wish to note that the Environment Agency will be conducting an electro fish survey on the upper reaches of Hambridge on Thursday 8 October. Therefore members cannot use the Hambridge car park during the morning. The following Tuesday afternoon (13th) they will be undertaking a similar exercise between the railway bridge and the stakes.
Fishing on the upper river and "Fidler's" section will not be affected.


Welcome to your September eNewsletter from the Environment Agency’s fisheries team.

A bright future for fishing

The Environment Agency has awarded a 
landmark fisheries contract to the Angling Trust 
to provide services for anglers. 

Sarah Chare, Environment Agency head of fisheries, said: “This contract marks a new era in how we will meet our fisheries duties. By contracting and working with partners we will secure the best future for angling and make money from rod licence sales go further. It is what anglers deserve. We are delighted to be working with the Angling Trust on this endeavour.”

The contract will run for up to 4 years and is currently worth £1 million a year. 

Read Angling Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd's blog about how they secured the contract:
The main priorities of the contract are to increase participation amongst existing and new anglers, reduce illegal angling and manage the Environment Agency’s England Angling Improvement Fund. 

In June’s newsletter we told you how the fund allocated £65,000 to 17 projects 
It was so popular that there has been a second round of applications for a further £50,000 of funding. The Environment Agency will be releasing further funds during the coming year. 

Improving how you buy your licence

Over recent years we’ve changed how we talk to you, for example sending email and postcard reminders, and this email newsletter. We always want to improve our communications and to help us do this we need to understand what motivates you to buy a licence and go fishing.

If you’re contacted by our researchers, either by phone or email, we’d appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes to answer our questions. Thank you in advance for your help!

It’s not all flat caps and old men... ...fishing is for all the family! Why not 
share your passion with a friend, your partner or your children?

Read Jo Long’s story:
http://clc.rodlicencerenewal.co.uk/ct.html?ufl=a&rtr=on&s=x8pbbh,2c5nv,4v4l,dw3g,8yds,ec20,ffep about how her dad introduced her to fishing over 20 years ago.

Don’t forget

If you or a friend just want to try fishing out, you can get a day licence:
http://clc.rodlicencerenewal.co.uk/ct.html?ufl=a&rtr=on&s=x8pbbh,2c5nv,4v4l,3wh6,939o,ec20,ffep for just £3.75 (£8 if you want to fish for salmon and sea trout).

Children under 12 can fish for free.

Win signed 'Brilliant Kid' memorabilia

Fishinginfo.co.uk is giving away clothing and props used by comic actor Paul 
Whitehouse in his 'Brilliant Kid' fishinginfo film.

To enter the prize draw:

http://clc.rodlicencerenewal.co.uk/ct.html?ufl=a&rtr=on&s=x8pbbh,2c5nv,4v4l,88di,e402,ec20,ffep go to fishinginfo.co.uk and click on 'Log in' at the top of the page to register for an account. The prize draw questions will relate to the film, so make sure you watch it first!
Entry closes on 30 September 2015.

Volunteer bailiffs - coming soon to a waterway near you... 

We are expanding the Voluntary Bailiff Service:
http://clc.rodlicencerenewal.co.uk/ct.html?ufl=a&rtr=on&s=x8pbbh,2c5nv,4v4l,kji7,fxuj,ec20,ffep which is currently running as a pilot project in south-east England. Carefully selected and trained volunteers support the police and Environment Agency enforcement 

The Angling Trust and Environment Agency will work together to appoint new Area 
Enforcement Managers before recruiting and training more volunteer bailiffs. Subscribe to the Angling Trust newsletters to find out how to apply for the manager posts and volunteer bailiff positions when they are advertised:

Sheepwalk Lakes

A new fence has been erected along Sheepwalk to deter flytippers and the incorporated gate opens out to the road as well as inwards, please open the gate inwards as it causes a road hazard if opened outwards. This will be rectified in due course. Also be very careful when leaving the car park as vehicles can be travelling at speed along Sheepwalk. Be very careful when entering or leaving the fishery as the traffic can travelling very fast along this stretch of road.

8 July 2015

Match Date Change

The Ordnance Survey will be holding a pegged down match at Hambridge between Hambridge and Bull's Lock on Wednesday 29 July. Members may fish below the Railway or on Fidlers as usual. This match replaces their scheduled match on 17 September when the whole venue will be available to members.

24 MAY 2015


Please note that there is a race meeting scheduled for Monday evening 15 June and the fishery is out of bounds all day until after 12pm, this means that members cannot settle into swims until after this time, any reconnoitring or prebaiting should be done on the Sunday 14 May.

Good fishing.

29 OCTOBER 2014


Please note that the Environment Agency will be electrofishing our stretch of the R Kennet between Bulls Lock and "the stakes" on Wednesday 5 November 2014.

26 OCTOBER 2014


Please note that the north bank of the Kennet at Hambridge cannot be accessed from the Bulls Lock end due to bank work.

Have no information as to how long the work will take but will notify by this page on completion.

28 JULY 2014


Please note that work is due to start to rebuild the weir at what we call “the stakes” (officially called Dogs Head Stake Weir) above Fidlers Water. The existing weir is in urgent need of repair after the recent floods and will be replaced with a more permanent concrete weir. Preparation work is due to start Monday 28 July and estimated to last 6 to 8 weeks. Vehicle access will be through a gate just below our Railway bridge car park and will follow the river close to the overhead power lines finishing at a Construction Compound Site adjacent to “the stakes”.

This should not affect the ability of our members to fish this stretch of the river but Southern Electricity is also due to start removing most if not all of the trees adjacent to their power lines which could affect the fishing. Timescales for this work is uncertain but is due to start in the coming days.

The committee suggests that it is best to avoid this section of the fishery while the tree work proceeds and be aware of the heavy traffic that will be running up and down during the reconstruction of the weir.

13 JULY 2014

14lb 1oz Barbel caught from Windsor race course by Tony Paul during the night match. A picture of the fish and the proud captor can be seen in the Gallery in the members only page.

17 FEBRUARY 2014

There is a possibility of Ellis Water being contaminated with sewage from the inflowing Thames and the contamination problem was certainly on the BBC news this morning in relation to Ham Island with reports of local residents of the flooded areas having “tummy” problems.

Whilst the Committee think that the risk to our members fishing at Ellis and flooded areas elsewhere is very low, it would be prudent if members followed the guidance as laid out in our Rule Book [Appendix 1, Safety Guidance for Members]:-

  • Wherever possible, wash your hands with clean water or use an antiseptic wipe before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Before you start fishing, ensure that any cuts, grazes or broken skin are covered with a waterproof sticking plaster.
  • If you suffer a skin injury when fishing, treat it immediately with antiseptic and cover it with a waterproof sticking plaster - a suitable first aid kit should be carried.

Best safe than sorry!

12 FEBRUARY 2014


Very soon extensive tree work will be carried out below the Railway Bridge, mainly to protect the electrical power lines from damage. It is likely that it will not be possible to fish in the areas that are actually being worked on, and our members should be prepared for this. It is also likely that the work programme will extend to trees on both sides of the weir, in preparation for its renewal later on. 

As soon as more information is available it will be put on the website.



Part of Windsor race course will be closed to members on Wednesday 12 February due to a film shoot taking place. The affected area is from the inner gate upstream. Members can still fish the Millstream or the Ditch or the area around the landing stages.

27 July 2013

The Lee Anglers’ Consortium will cease to operate with effect from 1st April 2013.

Apologies for the lateness of the above news which means that all the waters within the now defunct Lea Anglers' Consortium are not available on the CSAS permit.

For members more details are available on the Members Login main page.

22 MARCH 2013

Regrettably, due to the very low take up and the inclusion of Fishers Green into the CSSA portfolio, it has been decided that Turnford Consortium will no longer be an option for members from 2013



Please note that following the Olympic Games and Groundsman Event, the management team at Windsor have requested the combination lock be changed to the alternate one shown on the front of your permit.

Should you have any difficulty using this number please phone Tony Paul on his mobile.

17 November 2010

Windsor Racecourse

Following the theft of valuable metalwork which occurred under the cover of fog the racecourse staff intend to keep the internal gates locked. Members must lock these gates behind them at all times.

1st - 2nd November 2010


The Environment Agency has undertaken an electro-fish survey at Hambridge. Photos below.

Day 1

A lot of pike from below the railway bridge. No bream or barbel. A few nice perch and chub. A very small grayling.

The young lady was from a university and was taking scales from 50 roach.

The crayfish were taken from just 9 traps.

The full results of the survey will be posted at a later date.

 DAY 2

On day two the EA electro fished below Hambridge and the result of the survey was reasonable with Barbel, Chub, Dace, Roach, Grayling, Gudgeon, Trout and Pike being taken. The largest fish was a barbel of about 7.5 lbs and the smallest, a gudgeon of about 1.5 inches. Nice to see the silver fish establishing themselves once more.


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