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Joining CSAS 2018/2019

Prospective members are required to fill in an application form for consideration as members. For Full/Linked members please have your CSSC Membership Number to hand. From time to time the CSAS may impose a waiting list for associate members, but we are recruiting associate members at present.

PDF copy of Application Form will be available early in March 2018

PDF copy of Application Notes click here

Prospective members can apply online but before doing so please print off the Application Notes (above) and read before applying.

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To apply online and pay with PayPal click here

Paper copies of the Application forms are available from the CSAS Membership Secretary.

Completed forms should be returned to the CSAS Membership Secretary.

Membership details for the London Anglers Association, CALPAC and the CSSC Sports and Leisure are available through the Angling Society, again application forms can be obtained from the CSAS Membership Secretary (see contacts).

Angling Society Full members must be subscribing members of CSSC Sports and Leisure. Further information on this and an on-line application form can be found here.

NOTE: CSSC Membership Has Opened Up!

We have exciting news! CSSC members can now nominate up to three family members or friends to join AND membership is opening up to the Public Sector! 

Linked Membership

As part of the CSSC newly launched Linked Membership, CSSC members can nominate up to three adult family members or friends to join. Linked Members will pay the membership fee (appropriate to their circumstances by Direct Debit) and have the same membership rights.

Membership Fees
New Full Member Entrance Fee
New Associate Member Entrance Fee
New Retired Associate Member Entrance Fee
Annual Subscriptions
Full Member
Associate Member
Retired Full Member (60 or over on 16 June 2018)
Retired Associate Member (65 or over on 16 June 2018)
Optional Facilities
Fly Fishing
Spouse's Ticket
Junior Facility Ticket
Fishers Green Consortium
Reading and District
Reading and District OAP (65 or over on 16 June 2017)
Reading and District Registered Disabled
Reading and District Junior
Three/Four Rod Fee - Ellis Water and Sheepwalk Lakes Only
Retired members only Three Rod Registration - Ellis Water and Sheepwalk Lakes Only
Key to Ellis Water Car Park (optional)
Boat Mooring Fee for Ellis (renewal) - Please note that there are only 15 berths available. You can apply to go on the waiting list after your first full year of membership.
CALPAC Senior Member
CALPAC Intermediate Member (16 - 18 yrs old)
CALPAC Over 65, junior and disabled
CALPAC Key (Not needed on all waters, check their website)

Currently there is NO waiting list for Associate Members, please contact the CSAS Membership Secretary (see contacts) for details and if you want to include your name on the list.

The waiting list does not apply to prospective Full Members ie. those who subscribe to the CSSC Sports & Leisure.

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