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East Whipley

East Whipley Farm near Shamley Green, Surrey 

East Whipley Farm

Venue description: A small farm reservoir situated in an equestrian centre. The lake is shallow with a maximum depth of around four feet. This is an excellent venue to take juniors with fishing platforms along one bank for easy access and a good head of fish to catch.

Parking: Parking is in a field within the confines of the equestrian centre approximately fifty yards from the lake.

Species: Carp, roach, rudd with a few tench, perch crucian carp and gudgeon.

Additional facilities: A flushing toilet is available on site.

Closed season: There is NO closed season on this venue

Comment: A really pleasant venue with comfortable banks and plenty of fish. Although carp to low doubles, and roach and rudd to twelve ounces form the bulk of catches the odd tench to two pounds, crucian carp to over three pounds and perch to two and a half pounds turn up from time to time.

Views across the lake and typical swims

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